Wayne Gabbard was one of the Studio 09 original singers back in the day when we were first getting started at our Cabot location. He was instrumental in helping us get first place in the business category at the 2007 Christmas Parade. Wayne was always up for performance. He had a heart full of dreams and endless talent.

Please join us at Hardrider Friday, January 10th to celebrate Wayne’s other passion, wrestling. His brother Shane, along with other AWO wrestlers with be throwing down at 8PM. All proceeds will go to Wayne’s family for funeral expenses.

Please choose the number of tickets you want to purchase from the drop down menu. We only have General Admission tickets. Sorry but all ringside for this event is reserved for Wayne’s family.

Your tickets will be available at the door under your name the night of the event. This is a 21 and up event. Adult beverages will be available.


Wrestling For Wayne

Hi welcome to Studio 09!  I have been teaching performance for over 25 years. During my time in this business, I have learned it is not enough to just sing. To really make it you have to be involved of every aspect of your profession as a performer if you want to get the most out of this life! I have heard the best singers get the worst reviews because of bad sound engineering, no stage presence, bad lighting and the list goes on!

I teach performance as a package. The fact is most people don’t have a clue as to what light looks best on them or what mix they will need on a live performance. Performance starts with connection to yourself first. The rest is easy. By including different art forms such as movement and sound, we can learn to make the audience feel what the performer is feeling inside. This is best accomplished by getting all of these emotional elements by a person who is trained, lives and breathes music and actually makes a living in the business of music. I do not have a day job and teach part time lessons. I teach people how to take what is on the inside and give it to the audience on the outside leaving them begging for more! My education is in vocal performance with a minor in dance. I have learned that singing is one thing but ‘pedagogy’- the art of teaching – is something entirely different. Each person learns differently and each person brings their own unique set of skills, experiences and emotions with them so there is no right or wrong way to dig into the individual person. A teacher who can not connect with you will never be able to take you to a higher level of success as a performer!

My dance background is simple. I grew up in it. I moved to New York at the age of 19 and studied at Steps on 74th and Broadway, one of the top schools in the country. During my undergrad, I majored in vocal performance and minored in dance. The best part of that was the same teacher I had from the time I was a three year old child, Dot Callanen, was teaching at the university when I went back to grab a music degree. I was shocked and full of tears! That woman taught me more about life and how to apply what I have learned through my years of performance than any traditional music class ever could. She taught me how to dig down deep into my soul and let out the music that was buried inside! One layer at a time, I became the performer I am today. These life experiences are what makes a good teacher. To have someone who knows how to play or sing is just not enough. But hey, don’t take my word for it. If you are serious about being a performer, come visit me at my home studio and let me show you the difference music can make in your life. I guarantee you will walk away a different performer with every single lesson you take at Studio 09!

ALWAYS ask your teacher to sing or play for you before signing up for lessons! If they can’t sing or if you don’t like their style then you are wasting your time and money. There are two kinds of music, good and bad. Just because they don’t prefer the same genre does not mean they can’t sing it. Listen for depth in the voice. Know the difference!

Below is a clip of me sitting in with one of my students from Nashville who is on the songwriter scene. This video is from May 2015. I sang it as a tribute to my buddy who recently passed. We used to sing it as kids.