Studio 09 is home of  vocal coach Lasa Robertson Martindill. We offer lessons in voice, guitar and piano. Instruction is given both in studio or via Skype, depending on the location of the student. There is no additional cost to study more than one instrument. Many students are fluent in more than one instrument. Classes are one hundred dollars a month for one weekly, thirty minute lesson.

We currently have availability in North Little Rock and Cabot. Our Cabot location is conveniently located on the service road in Cabot convenient to the Little Rock Air Force Base. We also have lessons in North Little Rock in the Lakewood area.

I believe unless you have spent years of stage time as a performer, you are not really equipped to teach others something you do not know. Although I do have a degree in music, I believe without the added years of performance, the degree is just not enough.

Studio 09 is housed in a five thousand square foot event center equipped with the same stage many upcoming performers have played on at some point in their musical career. We have the lights and a killer sound system for students who are interested in pursuing music as a career. While we do teach beginners who are looking to play for fun, we also have students on the radio, The Voice, club venues, festivals as well as professional songwriters. When choosing a voice coach, always ask your teacher to sing for you before signing up for lessons. Again they can not teach what they do not know.

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