Thanks for checking out the Studio 09 experience. We have a very high success rate of professional entertainers both local and global. No distance is too far for us. We are the number one online music school on the planet teaching via Skype from our studio to students in Nashville, Japan, UK, Kuwait and all over the world. All you need is a strong internet connection. Skype lessons are perfect for those with limited time to travel to and from lessons or are having trouble finding a good teacher in your area

If you are interested in Online lessons via Skype, please fill out the contact form, add me on Skype and let’s get online to check your internet connection and set up a regular schedule. Do not pay for your lesson until after we have met online and make sure everything is working properly. My Skype name is Studio09online. Please have a quiet place to work free from loud distractions such as televisions or other background noise. I refuse to teach if you have a bunch of loud noise such as TV. Kids are family so that’s different.

If interested in some extra reading, below is an article to gain more insight on Skype lessons.

Live Online Voice Lessons On The Rise

As a vocal student, my biggest problem was finding the right teacher for my voice and musical needs. I was a music major at a school where they only had teachers geared for opera. While I did think that classical training was important, I knew I did not want to sound like that.

After going through every teacher the university had for several years, I decided to get permission to study with a teacher from another college.

The teacher I was put with had more of a musical theater background. She was not too crazy about my voice at the time but understood I was gigging six to seven nights a week, making pretty good money. Her job was to get me to be able to do that without wearing my voice out. That was her only goal with my lessons. She already had money.

We did a combination of show tunes and some bluesy type stuff to get my vowels pure while keeping my style. Within a year I was able to not only sing several nights a week but actually pull doubles and not sound like I had just walked out of a cigar lounge.

I could not believe I wasted seven years of my time, career and money on dead end teachers. As you know, this is a business where youth really counts for something. I vowed to help every single person I could find to not fall prey to teachers that did not know what they were doing.

A voice degree does not mean you can teach another person to sing! Most teachers that I have come in contact with can’t hit a lick!

The question for me is not should I do online voice lessons or in studio. The question is can I find a teacher who can make me sound like I want to sound! Where is this person who can hear what I’ve got vocally, listen to a sample of where I want to be and literally spoon feed me the lines themselves and show me how to make my own voice sound like that?

One thing about performing that many nights a week, if you want to play often and make a living you have to do it all! If you can not sing a variety of music that moves your audience you will never make more than a hundred dollars a night singing. I would not start my truck for that amount of money.

I became one of the most sought after singers coast to coast. With that recognition it wasn’t long before people in the industry took notice. These contacts have allowed me to nurture the careers of many performers over the years. Not only do I teach them how to sing, I teach them how to perform. In addition, I teach them the business of music! You can’t buy that in many local music schools or private in studio lessons unless you are in a music hub where everyone has contacts. You can get that with live online voice lessons via Skype webcam but only with the right teacher at the other end of the camera.

I made a choice to live behind the scenes of music in a quiet but very entertaining family environment. My kids were raised in this business. It was not uncommon for anyone to be sitting or even sleeping on our couch. That is just the way of the music business.

When looking for a teacher, first make sure the teacher can sing! Can they sound like you want to sound? If not they are not the right teacher for you. Second, can they show me how to do it?

Pedagogy is the art of teaching. Without good pedagogy skills you will not get much from the best singer in the world. Each voice is different. Each voice needs a different approach. What may work well for one could not work at all for the next.

Does your teacher have these skills? Is your teacher interested in making money or interested in you? Can your teacher develop you into an artist. Can your teacher open doors? These are the questions I would be looking for if I had it to do all over again. With education increasingly moving towards distance learning programs, I don’t see any reason to not look high and low for the right teacher wherever they may be.

ALWAYS ask your teacher to sing for you prior to signing up for lessons! Don’t assume that just because they have a degree they know how to sing or teach. I am posting a little video of me sitting in with one of my students who is one of the songwriter favorites in Nashville. This video was recorded on a cell phone in May 2015. No studio enhancements just my student, his guitar and a live vocal mic. I chose this song as a tribute to a childhood friend who had recently passed. We sang this one as kids.
A good teacher will not tell you how to sing. The right voice coach will show you b signing it to you not by note till you get it right.

If you feel that Skype lessons is a good fit for you, please add me to your Skype. My Skype name is Studio09online. After the registration process is complete, we will get online to make sure you are familiar with Skype, check your internet connection and discuss your musical goals. During our conversation we will set up a time for your regular lessons. After that choose the number of lessons you want and we’ll get right into working towards your goals.

Remember Skype lessons are thirty minutes long with a lot of flexibility. Many of us are professionals so we can work around schedules. I will not however make up a scheduled lesson without 24 hour notice. You do not have to have a Paypal account to use this service.




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