Welcome to Studio 09 Kids! If you are looking to print out the free music worksheets to play along with videos they are all at the bottom of this page. Scroll down and select the song of your choice to view or print. They are not fancy but highly effective in getting toddlers to learn their way around the piano! Our Studio 09 Kids channel will never ask you for money or to buy books for toddlers. Everything you need to follow along with our videos is right here on this page. You will need a keyboard and washable markers!

All music for these lessons is also on our Studio 09 Kids Facebook page. Simply scroll down to find your song and the music will be under the comments section of each song. You can download and print from there.

Take advantage of our free piano, guitar and voice lessons for kids. Studio 09 Kids page is dedicated to teaching voice, piano and guitar to children in an easy to understand curriculum. Like us on Facebook and be sure to subscribe to our  Youtube Channel to get the latest video uploads.

Studio 09 has decades of experience working with kids and adults of all ages. Over the years, we have created a successful curriculum for beginner through professional level that moves at a steady pace to be chosen by the individual student. Studio 09 believes that you have to learn the letters before you can spell the words. This is also true for music. We go at a steady pace introducing new concepts and notation in each lesson. Our ultimate goal is to have you fluent on your instrument using a method you can understand while building your musical vocabulary. This curriculum has been proven effective at day cares all over the country by Lasa Robertson who developed this program. Lasa has earned a BA in Vocal Performance, MA with and emphasis in Music Theory, and MEd with an emphasis in Cognitive Development. Studio 09 curriculum brings you age appropriate instruction both cognitive and chronological in the form of some of the kids favorite songs. Knowing how to play and having the pedagogical skills to teach are two entirely different areas of expertise. Lasa and all of our Studio 09 instructors have both. Remember you can’t teach what you don’t know.

Studio 09 Kids free piano lesson videos are designed for educators and parents with zero background in piano to easily teach their kids piano in the classroom or at home. This is especially the case with kids two to five years of age. The older kids should be able to to follow along without a teacher or parent and learn on their own. You can see clips throughout our videos of my three year old grandson and five year old grandaughter playing around teaching each other new concepts. While we do have a keyboard in every room in the house, they have always played around by ear making the notation new to them as well.

If you make these lessons fun, interactive play time they will learn a lot faster. If you expect Mozart to walk out out the first lesson you are setting them up for failure. So many of our kids had grandparents who abandoned keyboard as a child from strict teachers . They grew to hate the instrument and come back at seniors praising our method of teaching both them and their grandchildren. Our studios stay at capacity from younger siblings, to parents and friends by word of mouth. For this reason we decided to open up our online lessons to the public. We love kids who can walk in and already be familiar with our curriculum.

Studio 09 Kids curriculum was originally designed as a resource for our students in studio and preschools. Over the years, we kept a password protected page for kids and parents to login and view videos of the lessons we learned in class. This gave kids extra help while practicing at home. We all know how easy it is to forget once you leave the class.

We welcome educational facilities and parents to use our free piano curriculum as long as it is referenced “Studio 09 Kids.” You may print and share music and videos.

Our free piano lessons for kids begin with color coded instruction for toddlers. You will see examples throughout our videos of kids all ages trying our piano, voice and guitar lessons for the first time. We also have fun games to teach us rhythm, musical notation and other musical elements essential to the musical growth of your little musicians.

Studio 09 Kids lessons can be learned in the classroom, comfort or your home or anywhere your family may be with internet access.  Be sure to look for our Christmas music section and get your kids ready to play at the next family gathering.

Our welcome video below tells you everything you need to make the piano lessons a success! Remember that playing an instrument takes time and lots of practice. Make it fun for the kids and they will love it! Let them learn at their own pace and they will go far!

Our website, Social Media and Youtube are updated weekly with new music.

Thanks for checking out Studio 09!


Please choose your song to view or print the music and play along with the video. Remember that all of our instruction videos are on our Youtube channel Studio 09 Kids. These videos will take you through a step by step lesson on how to play each song.


Going on a Bear Hunt

Wheels On The Bus

Ten Little Indians

Happy Birthday

Mary Had a Little Lamb

The Ants Go Marching One By One

ABC Song

Baby Bumble Bee

Old MacDonald

Away In A Manger

Jingle Bells

Row Row Row Your Boat

London Bridge

Itsy Bitsy Spider