Give the Gift of Music This Christmas

Gift certificates are now available for purchase. Personalized certificates may be purchased for one month for $65.00 or the entire semester January-May for $275.00. Classes begin after the Christmas break on January 8th. Please fill out the form below and I will send you an email to coordinate class times and a link for payment. Classes meet once a week at the same time each week.

If you are preparing for an upcoming audition of performance and need a few lessons to fine tune your vocals fill out the form and we will contact you within and couple of business days. Thanks so much!!


Explore the depths of your musical ability at Studio 09!

Studio 09 has one goal and that is to give you the confidence to be the best performer you can possibly be. We are the oldest and largest Performance School in Central Arkansas. Unless you are pursuing highly competitive Artist Development opportunities, there are only three times a year we offer open enrollment.

All of our lessons for the spring program are taught at our local performance venue where many artists have performed and continue to perform during their musical careers. We have endless stage opportunities as we are always looking for ways to showcase our talents! We get many invites at other venues because of our contacts in the music industry and our commitment to providing top quality entertainment. We will NEVER put anyone on stage who is not ready. There is no pressure to get started on the stage but when you do, you will never want to stop!

Our fall semester begins January 8th, 2018. We will have an end of the semester recital to showcase what we have learned to parent, friends and family. Please feel free to invite as many as you’d like to these performances

Classes are open to ages seven and up. Semester classes are an excellent way to determine the interest level of your child before spending a bunch of money on instruments or making long term commitments. This is also where we look for talent to prepare kids for highly competitive music opportunities in the future.

Classes meet once a week for a one hour class to give students plenty of practice time between sessions. Beginning instrumentation starts at 30 minutes a week until the student has learned to play a few songs. One hour of beginning guitar or piano is just too much on a young child. Their fingers need a little time to develop especially on guitar. If they are interested in playing and singing, even better! We never push anyone to get on stage and sing until they feel ready. We are here to build confidence not make them uncomfortable.

The cost of fall class is 250 dollars for the entire semester with a 25 dollar registration fee. Registration is limited to the first twenty students only.  Please fill out the registration below. No spot will be held without processed payment.

We are housed in our 5000 square foot facility located at 6613 John Harden Drive in Cabot. We are on the service road by the first Cabot exit. Our room has a nice big stage, lights and an incredible sound system that many performers have played on coming up in the business of music, myself included.

I personally perform around town a few times a year because I feel it is very important that you know what your teacher can do. If your teacher can’t sing and/or play, chances are you will not learn much. Even if they can sing, can they sing ANY type of music? If not, how will they help you? They won’t! You’ll be throwing time and money out the window learning at the very most the little that they know.

Students ONLY are allowed in the classroom after initial orientation. Performances however are open to the public so feel free to invite all your friends and family.

Schedules will be arranged and posted by the first week in September. You will receive an email or text confirmation of enrollment. Makeup lessons will be towards the end of the semester on Thursdays.

Please don’t argue with me about parents in the classroom. This is an argument I will not have and you will be asked to leave and I will move onto the next student in line. Please let me do my job.

Please fill out the registration form below. There is a Paypal button for your convenience for those who wish to pay online. No students will begin unless tuition is paid prior to the first day of class.

Thank you so much for your interest in Studio 09!

Fill out my online form.