Competitive vocal training is essential to attaining your goals in the music industry. This is a tough business filled with no’s. Music executives are not going to sugar coat it and there is always someone out there working their butt off to get your spot. Going into an audition unprepared could get you sent home regardless of how much raw talent you have, You have got to take your A game if this is what you want to do for the rest of your life! Don’t go in unprepared.

Competition Vocal Training teaches you to hand deliver the entertainer inside of you right into the hands of those who hold the keys to your dreams. Breath support and technique are not enough. Our job is to make them feel.

Competition Vocal lessons teach, technique, stage presence, artistry and many other key concepts essential to blowing your customers away. Purchase as few or many lessons as you like from the drop down menu below and find me on Skype at Studio09online. Facetime lessons are also available as well as in studio for locals.

If you are not ready to work hard and practice everyday this is not the class for you. These are advanced classes for people wanting to be a part of or are already making a living in the music industry. Be ready to sing immediately. I cant help you if I can’t hear your mistakes. I don’t need a full song just pieces of your trouble areas. We will pick them apart and quickly learn to fix each note. I will contact you at the email or phone number provided on Paypal within one business day to schedule your 30 minute lesson.  Let me show you how to turn that no into a YES! Please be prepared for each lesson so we can make progress and get you going. Look forward to seeing you!

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